Business sociometry as a modern system of employees’ assessment

It starts with understanding employeee challenges and ends with improving employee productivity.

Azimuth 2.0 is an online tool that helps organizations evaluate interactions among employees. It offers highly actionable insights for improving interactions and optimizing organizational structure, which in turn lead to increased employee productivity.

Once employees complete an adaptive questionnaire, administrators can generate highly actionable reports that include interactive data visualization and supporting narrative with just a click of a button. Our consultants are available to help you capitalize on the information presented in the report.

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Azimuth 2.0 enables you to:

Understand corporate
and team structure

emerging leaders

Locate formal
and informal experts

Find and optimize
critical interactions


contribution of employees

change management

Support progressive
HR management

Offer objective
feedback mechanism

Azimuth 2.0 offers


The questionnaire is automated and takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.


The system is user friendly and intuitive for both participants and administrators.


Even if an employee does not fill the questionnaire, the information about this employee is still available based on his/her colleagues’ responses.


Evaluation is available in 5 languages and participants can select from English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.


Evaluating one employee costs only US $37. Significant discounts are available for evaluating 400 or more employees.


The system is based on two complimentary methodologies: statistical analysis that guarantees accuracy of the results, and a cutting edge social network analysis that takes into the consideration all relevant variables.


Reports include egocentric diagrams that clearly illustrate all relevant and problematic interactions from the employee point of view.


The assessment is self-adaptive as it “adapts” to the individual taking it based on the information already provided. It eliminates redundancies and increases participants’ engagement, thereby increasing completion rates.

Customers and numbers

80k +
employees participated
800 +
completed evaluation projects
retention rate among our corporate clients

E. Matzkevich

Head of HR Department Gazprom neft

Since 2011, Gasprom neft has worked with BSSL on employee assessment projects.

We utilized BSSL’s web-based assessment portal for our annual employee performance and potential assessments for both corporate and subsidiary organizations. More than 10,000 employees had been assessed to date.

We appreciate our partnership with BSSL and intend to continue working together on future employee assessment projects.

A. Vodyanoy

Head of HR research center, Sberbank

BSSL’s ergonomic infographics and harmoniously designed reports elevate BSSL above its competitors.

It is also important to mention the robust load capacity of the system, allowing to easily study groups of hundreds of employees. Any organizational diagnostics are useless unless they are actionable by the management and the results are shared with the participants. BSSL solves for both problems by offering transparent logical structure and visual business graphics that effectively support an informed decision making process for managers of all levels. The built in communications features allow to easily generate and share reports with the assessment participants.

E. Khokhlova

Head of evaluation and staff development department, VTB 24

We came across BSSL at HR conference in 2010 and now, a year later, we are happy to share our experience of successful implementation of several evaluation projects. Our BSSL colleagues helped us develop a questionnaire, significantly customized reports and provided all around support with the administration of the assessment projects.

We were pleasantly surprised with BSSL’s customer service approach, flexibility and customer orientation – it is gratifying to work with professionals who are truly interested in delivering results that fully address their customers’ needs.

Нас приятно удивил подход компании к работе с клиентом, их гибкость и клиентоориентированность — приятно работать с профессионалами, которые искренне заинтересованы в том, чтобы результат работы максимально удовлетворял потребностям клиентов.

We are looking forward to future fruitful cooperation with the BSSL team and wishing them new customers.
A special thank you goes to Alexander Larionov for his responsiveness and efficiency.

Patty Harsch

HR Manager,
Triple Crown Sports

Yes, the assessment is complete now and we are working on implementing the things we learned about ourselves into our training and development plans for 2010.
 My overall experience in working with You was fantastic.

You were very easy to access and assisted me with every aspect of completing the assessment. Even when we had some data problems, you listened to me and you didn't get upset. you looked into my concerns and handled them efficiently and professionally.

Yes, the assessment has helped us tremendously with making business decisions. We've made significant adjustments to our staffing and leadership model here at Triple Crown Sports.


Choose your desired modules to calculate pricing.

This module allows you to understand your company’s social fabric. The results are presented through sociograms and interactive egocentric diagrams constructed for each selected employee.

  • Interaction bottlenecks
  • Actual and potential conflicts
  • Employees who are overloaded with work
  • Informal leaders
  • Mentors

This module analyzes contributions of individual employees to selected work projects.

  • Examine interactions of employees working on a same project
  • Understand individual employee’s contribution to a project
  • Estimate the importance of projects from the employees’ point of view
  • Determine fair distribution of bonuses

This module allows you to understand your company’s social fabric. The results are presented through sociograms and interactive egocentric diagrams constructed for each selected employee.

  • Automatically generated lists of employees to be included in an assessment
  • Employee ratings by competence
  • Better reliability of results as compared to 360 Degrees assessments. Our proprietary two-step approach enables broader distribution of results, which ensures that the scores are significantly differentiated.

This module assesses the effectiveness of interaction among departments according to 3 criteria: quality, promptness and customer service. The results are presented through interactive maps of interactions.

  • Optimize organizational culture
  • See actual and potential conflicts between departments
  • See anonymous employee feedback
  • See department ratings
  • See department priorities
Block Basic price Evaluate Total
Subtotal 0

* Evaluation cost per employee changes depending on the total number of employees. The larger the group, the less is the cost per employee.

* Evaluation projects exceeding $1,599 receive a complimentary administrative support at no additional cost.

* For projects totaling less than $1,599, the administrative fee is calculated as the difference between the $1,599 threshold and the subtotal.

We empower organizational change

It all started in 2009, when we realized that most employee evaluation solutions on the market focused on the 360° evaluation, producing partial and often biased results. At the same time we discovered the power of the Social Network Analysis (SNA) for business purposes that took into the consideration not only individual employees’ skills but also interactions among employees and teams within an organization.

Azimuth 2.0 is a modern online employee evaluation platform that takes a different approach to the employee evaluation as compared to the traditional 360° assessments. By integrating the 360° into the larger analysis of an organization’s social network, we help companies discover key employees, identify internal communication barriers, optimize organizational structure and find the right place for every employee.

Through these years, we have gained trust of Russian and American companies. Our mission is to revolutionize employee management process by listening and observing instead of questioning, and by studying instead of evaluating.

Alexander Larionov


MESI, Applied Mathematics

MSU, Psychology

Stanford University, SCPM program

Andrey Skvortsov

Consultant, partner

MSU, Geography


Harvard Business School, OPM program

Vitaliy Berezhko

Technical director

MESI, Applied Mathematics

Project Management Institute, Corporate project management

Ekaterina Orel

Content manager, candidate of psychological sciences

1998-2003, 2003-2007
MSU, psychology

Anat Nulman

Business developer

University of Haifa, Marketing, PR & Advertising

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Sociology/Anthropology and International Relations

Foothill College, Business Administration

San Jose State University, Marketing

Elizaveta Oreshkina

Information designer

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, BA in Communication Design

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